Waves don't die
Guillaume Grando's work is transposed onto the Waiting For Ideas armchair to become "Waves Don't Die," a piece that blends into the vastness of the ocean.

It is the shared passion for design and the ocean that brought the artist and the studio together. On one hand, Guillaume and his captivating undulating works, and on the other, Waiting For Ideas and its transparent armchair with architectural lines, giving birth to Waves Don't Die: a chair composed of five plates, simply assembled, freezing the movement of the ocean. This seat gives the illusion of perpetual motion. It is contemplated as a sculpture that plays with the reflection and refraction of light. A three-dimensional balance between minimalist construction and organic inspiration, it takes us into a distorted vision of the seaside.

To manufacture this piece, Guillaume's pattern is directly machined onto the acrylic glass, then polished to achieve this transparency. "To be faithful to his works, which are handmade, we tested different methods, and machining proved to be the most suitable," explains Jean-Baptiste, founder of Waiting For Ideas.
guillaume grando
Acrylic Glass
colour & finish
Wavy transparency
65cm x 68cm x 65cm
price on demand
limited to 8
Made in
Project assitant
Eric Ung (WfI), christophe zidler
Pictures by