Since his teenage time, Jean-Baptiste Anotin creates. He began by experimenting with automobile painting, reworking old bicycles that were good for breakage. He also played with counterfeit objects, ironically transforming these manufactured and calibrated pieces into unique and personal objects.

Following marketing studies and a first professional experience in the digital world, he realized that creating drives him: bringing new ideas, testing new materials, shaping new pieces. Waiting for Ideas was born.

He then approaches the world of textiles and fashion, through a collection retracing his adolescence. The textile industry being too ephemeral, he turned to another medium: furniture. A first work, entitled No Seat Belt Required, refers to his family history around the automotive industry. Then Self Reflection, which illustrates a tumultuous period, marked by covid and a quest for oneself.

Each piece tells us a story, personal and collective, freezing time to leave a trace.


Arthur Pocheron / Product Designer

Inès Vaughan / Product Designer
Eric Ung / Product Designer

Waiting For Ideas
75019 Paris

Neo S by Waiting For Ideas