Slurp is much more than a simple chair; it is a moving work of art that captures attention and sparks contemplation. This sculpture unfolds before our eyes with uninterrupted fluidity, seemingly challenging the very notion of stability. Designed to evoke a sense of the ephemeral and uncontrollable, "Slurp" transcends the traditional function of a chair, becoming a visual metaphor for the impact of certain substances on our bodies.

The structure of this artistic piece is as intriguing as its meaning. Crafted from seven meticulously bent aluminium tubes, "Slurp" merges the elegance of form with technical precision. Each tube, carefully welded to the others, contributes to the dynamics of the chair, creating an organic and captivating silhouette. The use of aluminum as the primary material gives the artwork a visual lightness while underscoring the robustness of the structure.
colour & finish
Polished Mirror, Crema Di Pistacchio, Purle Drank
100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
price on demand
limited to 8 each
Made in
Handmade in France
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