Ready Made
Photographer Mathilde Hiley and set designer Pierre Vaillant have joined forces to elevate the functionality of Waiting For Ideas’ pieces to new heights.

Using elastic bands, bungee cords, and even a hosepipe, Pierre Vaillant has transformed Waiting For Ideas’ pieces into multi-functional works of art. Mathilde Hiley then captured that moment through its own creative eye. The transparent armchair, named Purity, is transformed into a long chair when connected to the stool Neo S, while the black armchair, Through The Dark, has become a superhero for gardening sessions. Even the pipe chair, Slurp, has been given its own armrest.

Pierre has reinterpreted the concept of ready-made by giving manufactured pieces a new purpose beyond their original function once mixed with collectible furnitures.
Pierre Vaillant, Mathilde Hiley
Pieces used
Purity, slurp, through the dark, Neo s
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