This first collaboration with Marseille-based artist Iris Marchand revisits our piece Purity. Entitled Distorted, the transparent seat becomes a painting.

On the disassembled armchair, a body is painted, as if lying on the ground. Once the seat has been reassembled, the deformed body is recomposed into a convoluted puzzle with surprising lines. Throughout the day and as the light changes, the reflections of its lines draw on the floor and the walls a painting in perpetual motion.

Through this work of construction-deconstruction, we question our relationship to the body, the biased vision that we have of it, and how the social structure permanently distorts our feelings. “I was enthusiastic when Jean-Baptiste came to me with this idea. Playing with this medium gives a different approach to my paintings, it's as if they come to life”, says Iris.

This piece is exhibited in the studio of Iris Marchand at 7 rue Villeneuve in Marseille. Made to order, each seat is unique, numbered and painted by hand.
Iris Marchand
Acrylic Glass and Paint
colour & finish
65cm x 68cm x 65cm
price on demand
limited to 8
Made in
Pictures by
Waiting for Ideas