Purity, Stand Tall and Any Colour You Like


Playing with gravity, transparency and light, the collection clarity puts our aspirations and contradictions in perspective. Each piece requires no fasteners. Its installation is simple and intuitive. A laser engraving numbers each unique piece.

Armchair "Purity":
65cm x 68cm x 65cm

Low table "Stand Tall":
71cm x 39cm x 43,5cm

Lamp "Any Colour You Like":
21cm x 15cm x 32cm
Bulb: LED 2W

More pieces to come.

Please contact us at info@waiting-for-ideas.com for any inquires


MATERIALS: Acrylic glass
COLORS: Transparent
YEAR: 2022

PROJECT ASSISTANTS: Ines Vaughan (WFI Team), Eric Ung (WFI Team), Arthur Pocheron (WFI Team)

Photo by François-Xavier Manceau.