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Upcycled Sports Bag | Swimming pool | Blue branded

Upcycled Sports Bag | Swimming pool | Blue branded


Upcycling: "Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original."

Material: 100% polyester, 130gr/m2

Size & capacity: 90 x 70cm | around 70 liters

Unique upcycled sports bag | Burst | Blue branded

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Size & capacity:

90 x 70cm | around 70 liters

Each sports bag is unique. We upcycled them with love.

More questions? Feel free to send an email to info@waiting-for-ideas.com

Cleaning care and washing instructions

We advise you to dry wash. You can use your washing machine at 30 degrees maximum, upside down.

The pictures might be affected during its lifetime due to scratches, droppings, foldings. You can iron it at the minimum temperature inside out.

Material details

  • Bag: 100% polyester, 130gr/m2
  • Pin: stainless steel
  • Print: ink water based
  • Embroidery: 100% Polyester

Price calculation for our Upcycled Sports Bag

All prices are calculated per 1 unit. The mark up is here to cover Waiting For Ideas's costs: marketing, communication, staff, maintenance, accounting etc.

Upcycled sports bag price = 35 + 6,6 + 2,01 + 1,5 = 43,61€ (excl VAT)

43,61€ x 2,1 = 91,92€ (excl. VAT) / 114,90€ (incl. VAT)

Bag = collected

Embroidery and print = 35€

Sewing = 6,6€

Brand tag and pin = 2,01€

Pin = 1,5€

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