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Tribute to Supreme X LV

Waiting For Ideas pays tribute to magnificent Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaboration. Find out more on our website.


TRIBUTE TO supreme and louis vuitton | WAITING FOR IDEAS

[HANDMADE, louis xv STYLE ‘fake bag’ chair]


It’s far too easy to find counterfeit for two of the hottest brands.

Prior our new collection entitled “For the Kids who know and those who don’t”, which will be released in a few weeks, we have been working on a second tribute project. This time, paying tribute to the magnificent Supreme and Louis Vuitton collaboration. This chair has been restored and painted with the most iconic streetwear colour. We attached that fake bag onto the chair as a reflexion of the french ‘savoir faire’.

Entirely handmade in our creative studio, we focused on the right colour and perfect object that reflect this collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton.

Through this project, we wish to highlight how easily counterfeits can destroy designers’ creation. It took less than 5 minutes and $30 to purchase this bag online and have it shipped to us from China. It is unfortunate how easily anyone can have access to fakes. We believe that what makes a product a beautiful artefact is: design, quality and rarity.