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Basic Waiting For Ideas | White T-shirt

Basic Waiting For Ideas | White T-shirt


This t-shirt is cut from high-quality organic cotton fabric. It features, on the front, an embroidery of our iconic logo.

Oversized fitting; Embroidery: Waiting For Ideas in White; White color only; Short sleeve only

The model is wearing Large size, and measuring 1.85cm/6''

  • Designed in France by Waiting For Ideas' Team

  • T-shirt, Embroidery and Screen-printing Made in France

  • Fabric and Brand Label Made in Italy

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

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Size & fit

The t-shirt is oversize fitting.

Small: Body length 74cm | Chest 104cm | Sleeve length 21cm

Medium: Body length 76cm | Chest 108cm | Sleeve length 21,5cm

Large: Body length 78cm | Chest 112cm | Sleeve length 22cm

Extra-Large: Body length 80cm | Chest 116cm | Sleeve length 22,5cm

2X Extra-Large: Body length 82cm | Chest 120cm | Sleeve length 23cm

Each t-shirt has a soul, if you don’t wear it anymore, you can: give it away, recycled it, sell it or make it a piece of art. Find out more in our section: "Your wardrobe is not dead".

More questions? Feel free to send an email to info@waiting-for-ideas.com

Washing and cleaning care instructions

If you want your t-shirt living longer, this garment must be hand-washed. Please use environmentally friendly options for cleaning your clothes.

Material details

Oeko-tex certificate: the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.

Fabric materials: 100% Organic Cotton. Cotton is from Turkey

Embroidery: 100% polyester / Certificate: Oeko-tex

Brand tag: 100% polyester / Certificate: Oeko-tex

Price calculation for our Basic White T-Shirt

All prices are calculated per 1 unit. The mark up is here to cover Waiting For Ideas's costs: marketing, communication, staff, maintenance, accounting etc.

Fabric, assembling and embroidery = 18,42€

Brand tag = 0,51€

T-shirt price = 18,42 + 0,51 = 18,93€ (excl VAT)

18,93€ x 2 = 37,84€ (excl. VAT) / 45,40€ (incl. VAT)

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