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How to recycle your old clothes? Waiting For Ideas gives you some advice.

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Recycle them

It is a t-shirt today, tomorrow it might be something else. Give a second life to those unwearable clothes. Easy to do. Find a collection tree nearby and drop it off. Voilà, your job is done.

Give a second life to your closet

Maybe someone else would love that awesome piece of fabric you do not wear anymore. Instead of waiting in your wardrobe, why don’t you sell it online. Grailed, Vestiaire Collective (and many more) will help you to sell your clothes to the right person.  Find out which one fits you.

Give them away

If you would like to make someone happy by simply giving a cloth in good condition you do not wear anymore, then, just do it. Give it to a close friend who always loved that jacket or drop it to a collection box or center in your town. You will be more than welcome. 

Make it a piece of art

If you love that t-shirt so much, but it does not fit you. Why don't you just make it a piece of art by hanging it in a frame? Creativity is free.

Upcycle them

One of your relative gave you that authentic 80s Ralph Lauren jacket few years ago. But fitting is not trendy anymore, you do not like the colour, or maybe you have worn it too many times. Our french friends from La Draft have the solution. They are proposing to upcycle your old beautiful pieces with their own touch. Your old jacket will get fresh lifting.


We have been working on our own upcycled collection with sports bags and barrel, please find out more here.


If you have others innovative ideas to give a second life to your old wardrobe, please contact us at info@waiting-for-ideas.com

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