After my 2017 Project on recycling, my Creative Studio decided to introduce a new project on the same theme with these upcycled laundry bags.

Indeed, I created these laundry bags from reused materials. All these photographs aim to introduce elements of my childhood and teenage years, such as laundry bags, in an artistic light.

This work presents my thoughts on recycling and its essential role in our society. Indeed, I do believe that art can help preserving the planet with recycling. I am also a strong proponent of getting beauty out of used materials, just like light comes after dark.

But this Project is also a reflection on my own childhood when my parents owned a laundry business. I use a lot of my childhood experiences in my Creative Studio to create unique pieces of art.

Oscar Wilde said that life imitates art more than art imitates life. In the case of this 2018 project of my Design Studio, I can affirm that art truly imitates life.

To sum up, this 2018 Project is a reflection on the use of daily objects in art, as well as flashbacks on my childhood.


YEAR: 2018
COLLECTION: Stop wasting, turn it into art