In 2019, I decided to start a new piece of work reflecting on fast fashion in my Creative Studio. That’s why I am very excited to introduce this new fashion collection entitled “For the Kids Who Know and Those Who Don’t”. I created this collection out of the blue, without any knowledge in fashion. I followed my instinct and just focused on creating timeless pieces.

Like Yves Saint Laurent, I do believe that “fashions fade, but style is eternal”.

This project reflects a long thinking process about the negative environmental and societal impacts of fast fashion. This process started in 2017 and resulted in this fashion collection, among other works. I wanted to seize this opportunity to promote local production and traditional craftsmanship through this project.

However, this project is also the opportunity to reflect on my childhood and teenage years, and how my love for fashion followed me throughout the years. And this calls for a positive nostalgia.

For example, the zipper on the trousers of my collection removes the rightbottom part of the garment.Also, the photographs were shoot in my middle school, as a reminiscence of my teenage years.I

In a few words, this project of my Creative Studio encompasses my conception of the fashion industry and my childhood/teenage years’ memories.

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YEAR: 2019
COLLECTION: For the Kids who know