Recycling is more and more used in every aspect of our daily way of living. And design does not escape this new trend. In that spirit, I decided to call this 2017 piece “Stop Wasting, Turn It into Art”.

This piece is entirely handmade in my Creative studio with reusable materials and painting with a spray gun. It involved a long cleaning part as this kind of painting requires long hours of sanding.

The story behind this project reflects two aspects of my Creative Studio approach. The first stems from the use of my childhood and teenage years memories in my work. And the second is my endless love for fashion and pop culture.

Indeed, I was inspired by my parents who used to own a car dealership for this project, since the burning desire to create handmade pieces of art started at that period of my life. I stumbled upon on unused barrels and I learnt to paint around that time.

Besides my childhood memories, this project also highlights my convictions on the preservation of the planet, as I focused on the reusable aspect of materials. I wanted to insist on the fact that we waste a lot of materials in the Western world because of the perverted effects of the consumer society.

With this project, I wanted to show that even the waste and garbage could be turned into something artsy and beautiful. This concern for beauty and art also influenced my choice of colors, as I was inspired by one of the most fashionable and art-lover rappers of the planet: Kanye West.

I chose yellow because it came from the “Frozen Yellow” color of the Yeezy 350 sneakers. As for the blue color, it was inspired by a snow/ice scenery from a Kanye West’s concert.

In a few words, this 2017 project of my Creative Studio reunites several ideas in one: recycling, beauty coming out of waste, preservation of the planet, fashion, and love for pop and hip-hop culture.

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YEAR: 2017
COLLECTION: Stop wasting, turn it into art
MATERIALS: Reusable barrel, car paint