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F*** Fast Fashion/18

Find out about our first drop - Fuck Fast Fashion from Waiting For Ideas. A collection of t-shirts, upcycled artefacts and furniture.


Why I'm quitting Fast Fashion.


Recently, I’ve decided to end a long-lasting relationship with Fast Fashion products.

And I’m relieved.

Fast Fashion has gone too far. It’s ripping off designers’ ideas, killing people and our planet by making us consume bad quality products on a weekly basis.

But it was cheap. A lot more affordable than designers clothes.

In fact, Fast Fashion companies are brilliant if we only consider the business aspect: they can design, produce and sell a collection within a month. Making throwable clothes to meet consumers’ expectations quicker. Quality - of workers’ life and fabrics - has been put aside for quantity.

And then, I asked myself, is this business model still ethically and ecologically sustainable? Do I still want to be part of it?

So as of today, I will no longer buy Fast Fashion products. I’d rather buy less, and spend money on quality clothes that have been made with a progressive approach.

If you’re interested in buying these kinds of products, there is a list of others companies that produce ethically: Honestby, Rombaut, Noyoco, Veja, and many more.

As for Waiting For Ideas, we will improve our processes, trying to be cleaner and as transparent as possible. It is time to look beyond the product that we buy, and understand the impact of the entire chain of production: from the creative part to the manufacturing and selling part.




Jean-Baptiste Anotin

Founder & Creative Director



Waiting For Ideas | F*** Fast Fashion | First drop/18

Campaign photographed by Johanna Simon-Deblon with the contribution of Benjamin Florit-Bour. Thank you both.

F*** Fast Fashion started from the idea that we need a new way of consumption focused on quality and sustainability. For decades, Fast Fashion has been abusing and ripping off designers’ ideas, killing people and our planet by making me - you - consume bad quality products on a weekly basis. We decided to take a stand against corporations responsible for Fast Fashion with a strong message on how you - we - can make a difference. F*** seasons. F*** large collections. F*** Fast Fashion.


We strongly believe that customers should be able to make an informed decision when buying clothes, and the only way to do that is to understand a brands creation and sales process. That is why we have provided you with all the information you need. We are more than just a beautiful advertise with a celebrity. We have core values that embrace and respect the environment and all lives.




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