"The CURATED Section, dedicated to emerging and mid-career independent designers and design studios, is a space for radical experimentation and discovery where participants are invited to explore pioneering ideas and processes in design.

This year’s Curated section presents E S C A P I S M, imagined by Rotterdam-based collector and curator Berry Dijkstra. For the CURATED section of COLLECTIBLE 2022, the selected designers pull us from our daily reality to take us on a voyage of discovery into a universe full of fresh ideas and colourful vistas. A journey brimming with effervescent concepts and enchanting objects that appeal to the imagination through both form and material. An expedition that leads us along tempestuous paths, steep descents and narrow passages to utopian visions that offer a glimpse into worlds we can only dream of."

Rue de l'écuyer, 50 - Brussels
From 20TH till 22ND of May